Private FAQ

I’ve created a health questionnaire and database about Paraneoplastic and the symptoms. Why? I really have a hard time remembering and with more people finding getting diagnosed and finding each other, I’m really struggling to remember everyone’s diagnosis and don’t want to ask over and over again in every post because it’s annoying, rude and embarrassing.

Yes, I know there’s a list in the files on Facebook. But it is a manual list that isn’t maintained or updated regularly. With the database you can update your information and search the members to your hearts content.

It’s private. You need to register and then get approved. So all the information can’t be seen from regular people off the street.

I have a question in there if you allow your information to be given for medical research. This is just for the future. I thought the information may be good to use for statistics at a later date.

When the non profit is set up and we have an official website, it can be moved across. To make it more official.

See a need, fill a need.

Search members by going into the members section and there is a search bar there.

You can edit the your answers to the questions in the edit section by pressing the button of the pencil.

First you go into the page health form, fill out and submit the details then you can edit your own information in your profile or go to members.